Islamic clothing

Islamic clothing for women is made of colorful fabrics that are either printed or embroidered. They are cut wide and the sleeves are usually long. One exception is the summer clothes that can be worn in the house. These can also be kurzärmlich. Islamic clothing is called with different terms, which vary by region. The clothing jilbab, caftan or Jalabiya are straight and usually antailliert. Outside the home find it is hardly a typical Arab woman in a short-sleeved dress. Many women wear the jilbab in addition a pair of trousers. In Tunisia, Morocco and parts of a hood is very common to see the Islamic clothing. 

In Africa, especially Sudan, wearing a Thoben is widespread. The Thobe is like the sari from a long and wide scarf that wrapped around the body and around her head covering to the head hair. The material here is mostly of colorful cotton printed with different patterns. The latest fad is the salwar kameez, the modern Arab taste has been adjusted. The kameez is shorter and usually ends in mid-thigh. The salwar pants was converted to a normal pleated pants. A variant of the Arab kaftans can be found in Turkey. Here, the caftan is designed as a wide Hängekleid that is langärmlich or short sleeves worn either in combination with a long-sleeved T-shirt or a blouse. also the widespread Arab and Pakistani men traditionally colored Galabiya just as happy with a combination weitgeschnitten wear pants.